Why I like D

Don nospam at nospam.com
Fri Dec 5 00:23:12 PST 2008

bearophile wrote:
> Bill Baxter:
>> You never mistype the name of a variable?
> Probably I do such mistakes often or very often, but I test every little piece of code I write, so such bugs are fixed seconds or minutes after I have put them in, so even not using an IDE I have never felt it as problem :-)
> There are far worse bugs that no (normal) type system can catch, that need what you have between the ears to be fixed :-)

I think for dynamic languages, test-driven development is mandatory. But 
you have to write zillions of tests because the compiler accepts all 
kinds of garbage. Compile-driven development is practically impossible 
in a language like PHP.
I like that D gives us the best of both worlds -- you only have to write 
tests to find the 'requires brain' bugs.

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