Checking function callability in D1 (aka static try-catch)

Bill Baxter wbaxter at
Sun Dec 7 01:42:20 PST 2008

This topic came up (again) fairly recently, and a solution was
proposed, but I found a case where that solution doesn't work.

The objective is to do a static check to see if something is callable
with particular argument types, and if so call it.

The proposed solution was to use '.init' like so:

    static if (is(typeof( some_function(ArgType.init) ))) {
        // call some_function , or make an alias to it or whatever

But this doesn't always work if some function takes a ref argument.
For instance if ArgType is 'float', and some_function's signature is:

    void some_function(ref float);

Then it will fail.

The ugly workaround I found is to use this:

    static if (is(typeof( some_function(cast(ArgType)Object.init) ))) { ... }

First it's ugly, and second I'm not sure that really should work
anyway.  I don't think a 100% clever compiler would allow using
Object.init as a ref parameter even with a cast.

Any other ideas for how to test if a function is callable?  or is that
the best we can do?

Note that checking the type of the function itself is not acceptable,
because this is static duck-typing here -- you don't really care if
it's a function or delegate or a struct that implements opCall, as
long as you can call it.   And also you don't really care if the
argument is exactly ArgType, as long as the argument can be implicitly
converted from ArgType.


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