Notes on Defective C++

Sean Kelly sean at
Mon Dec 8 16:38:20 PST 2008

== Quote from Jim Hewes (jimhewes at's article
> On that web page he says that "the lack of garbage collection makes C++
> exceptions ... inherently defective." I'm not sure I agree with that. I
> think the opposite is more true. When you're using garbage collection, you
> can't rely on destructors to release resources (notably non-memory
> resources) when exceptions occur. In C# for example, the solution is
> supposed to be the 'using' statment, but that's only useful in the context
> of a function. It doesn't help you when you want class A to be a member of
> another class B and it's lifetime to be governed by the lifetime of class B.

Once upon a time, the 'scope' keyword was going to be extended to cover
this case.  It still might I suppose.  The design of D 2.0 has been focused
almost entirely on multiprogramming.


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