More phpBB like forum?

Mike Parker aldacron at
Tue Dec 9 18:31:53 PST 2008

Brad Roberts wrote:
> For me, it's not about speed, it's about push vs pull.  A forum that I 
> have to actively go to to find out if there's new material is wasteful.  I

In my case, it seems wasteful to use a newsreader just to check the D 
ngs. I do everything from my browser except checking these newsgroups. I 
check all of my email accounts through gmail, I visit half a dozen 
programming forums, I check reddit for interesting stuff, and so on. If 
it weren't for these D newsgroups, I'd have no reason to open 
Thunderbird anymore.

In fact, before picking up D I hadn't used a newsgroup reader in years 
and didn't miss it a bit.

> already go to my mail client to find pushed material.. and it's 
> incrementally much easier for me to subscribe to a mailing list than 
> anything else.  That's exactly why the first thing I did when joining the 
> D community was to setup the nntp <--> mail bridges.  Any use of forums by 
> me would require an automatic email gateway.

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