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Walter Bright newshound1 at
Wed Dec 10 17:29:33 PST 2008

Steven Schveighoffer wrote:
> "Walter Bright" wrote
>> Somehow, though, I doubt anyone is going to pay me for my leet skillz at 
>> 16 bit DOS programs ever again :-(
> I work mainly with writing tests/initialization scripts for x86-based 
> systems for issues before my company ships them.  For some ungodly reason, 
> most hardware vendors insist on providing DOS-only firmware loading tools 
> and hardware testing tools for their components.  So we have a dos-based PXE 
> boot which mounts a CIFS network drive with all the scripts and tools 
> necessary to load firmware, run drive tests, etc.  Even network card vendors 
> STILL provide network drivers for new cards in DOS!!!
> Don't give up hope yet ;)

I get about one customer a year who asks me a question about the DOS 
capabilities of DMC.

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