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Thu Dec 11 01:31:10 PST 2008

Walter Bright wrote:

> Sean Kelly wrote:
>> If there is, I haven't seen it :-)  I try to stay somewhat up on trends
>> just to be current, but I've yet to see a point in telling people what
>> I'm doing from minute to minute.
> The site itself said that one use was to tell people when you're
> drinking a cup of copy. bleh.

It is up to you to use twitter for something useful - saying there is nothing useful on twitter is like saying there is nothing useful on blogs. Not everyone write blogs about their last cup of tea, and neither do everyone tweet about it. In particular I know that many open source projects use twitter as a way to collect mini-reports from the community, and do mini-reporting themselves aka "just added the l33t feature foo too app bar".

A good or interesting twitter account will probably get very many followers to show for it. What I find weird are those that themselves follow equally many accounts (hundreds) - they have spare time issues :)

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