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Thu Dec 11 13:05:46 PST 2008

Walter Bright wrote:

> Lars Ivar Igesund wrote:
>> It is up to you to use twitter for something useful - saying there is
>> nothing useful on twitter is like saying there is nothing useful on
>> blogs. Not everyone write blogs about their last cup of tea, and
>> neither do everyone tweet about it. In particular I know that many
>> open source projects use twitter as a way to collect mini-reports
>> from the community, and do mini-reporting themselves aka "just added
>> the l33t feature foo too app bar".
> I just can't imagine real time reports of adding a line of code/feature
> to a product would be useful. The timescale is at issue - to add a
> feature to a significant product requires coding (which may take days)
> followed by testing (many hours). Would anyone be hanging on twitter
> waiting for this?

Actually, it is not about immediate notification - you can no longer receive SMS I think for those you follow. It is more that a "busy" developer/person can easily write a short note about the progress without it seeing out of place - if you use a blog you are "obligated" to write a longer piece which takes more time and thus is less likely that you do.

It has also become an easy way to aggregate - by using @ or # and some name or identifier, your message can be directed here and there depending on the topic. As Brad say, it may be a bit weird, but it is very convenient for aggregating short tidbits on a subject.

In case you are curious; my account ;)

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