More phpBB like forum?

Walter Bright newshound1 at
Thu Dec 11 13:35:37 PST 2008

Lars Ivar Igesund wrote:
> Actually, it is not about immediate notification - you can no longer
> receive SMS I think for those you follow. It is more that a "busy"
> developer/person can easily write a short note about the progress
> without it seeing out of place - if you use a blog you are
> "obligated" to write a longer piece which takes more time and thus is
> less likely that you do.

I have that problem with my Dr. Dobb's blog. A blog is shorter than an 
article, but lots of people have commented that my blog entries are too 
short. The problem with an article length one is, of course, the time 
involved in writing it. I also suspect that fewer readers would read it 
if it were article length.

> It has also become an easy way to aggregate - by using @ or # and
> some name or identifier, your message can be directed here and there
> depending on the topic. As Brad say, it may be a bit weird, but it is
> very convenient for aggregating short tidbits on a subject.
> In case you are curious; my account ;)

I might just check it out.

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