Can i plz has some template instantiation error stack traces?

Bill Baxter wbaxter at
Sat Dec 13 00:00:11 PST 2008

On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 4:53 PM, Christian Kamm
<kamm-incasoftware at> wrote:
>>> LDC can haz.
>> orly?
>> As in haz them now? or can potentially haz at some point in the future
>> if someone decides to do it?
> Can haz now. Currently looking like so
> templerror.d(9): Error: identifier 'wrong' is not defined
> templerror.d(12): Error: template instance!(int[][][]) error
> instantiating
>    instantiatied in templerror.d(12): bar!(int[][])
>    instantiatied in templerror.d(3): bar!(int[])
>    instantiatied in templerror.d(16): foo!(int)
> and triggered by errors and static asserts.
> We had a brief slide about them in our Tango Conference talk. I hope it'll
> be up eventually... :)

Looks great.
Is there a DMD patch for that somewhere in bugzilla?


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