A template for method forwarding?

Christopher Wright dhasenan at gmail.com
Sat Dec 13 06:29:19 PST 2008

Christian Kamm wrote:
>> So looks like bad stringof is the culprit, once again.
> Why use stringof when you have an alias? This works for me in D1 - if you
> discount default arguments and parameter storage classes (will templates
> ever be able to touch these?).

stringof sucks, but it's easy to work with.

Your solution doesn't deal with method overloads. Passing in a method 
alias would work:

template Forward(string classname, alias method)
    mixin ("ReturnTypeOf!(method) " ~ method.stringof ~ 
"(ParameterTupleOf!(Method) parameters) {
	return composed." ~ method.stringof ~ "(parameters);

Except method.stringof doesn't work, so you have to do it like this:
template strof(alias method)
     const strof = (&method).stringof[2..$];

template Forward(char[] classname, alias method)
    mixin ("ReturnTypeOf!(method) " ~ strof!(method) ~ 
"(ParameterTupleOf!(method) parameters) {
         return composed." ~ strof!(method) ~ "(parameters); }");

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