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dennis luehring dl.soluz at
Sun Dec 14 07:52:02 PST 2008

bearophile schrieb:
> Walter Bright:
>>that I doubt exist in a back end designed for C/C++.<
> But note this has the disadvantage of making less easy to adapt a backend (like LLVM) to D. This may reduce or slow down the diffusion of D to other compilers and platforms. So every one of such special feature backend has to chosen with care.
> In the near term most people may chose LLVM as the most used backend for the D language, so if LLVM isn't able to support some of those features (but exceptions are too much basic, they will be necessary), such features will become virtually absent from D programs you can see around and in the end from D language itself.
> Bye,
> bearophile

his own backend is better for the evolution of D - and THAT is what we 
want - there a serveral good(and even bad) compiler-backends out there 
but the language is still missing

the backend-problems will be addressed later - and there won't be a show 
stopper not in LLVM, GCC or .NET ...

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