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Sun Dec 14 12:51:56 PST 2008

(The other gentle person on IRC was wilsonk).
The timing results for the nbody benchmark (the code is in attach in one my last posts) as found by 
wilsonk on IRC, N=10_000_000, on an AMD 2500+ CPU:
  64-bit GCC C code: 3.31 s
  64-bit LDC D code: 5.74 s
You can see the ratio is very similar to the 32 bit one (but absolute timings are quite lower).


Then the timings for the recursive4 benchmark (the code is in attach in this post):
On an AMD 2500+ CPU, by wilsonk, 64 bit timings, recursive4:
  C code GCC, N=13: 22.93 s
  D code LDC, N=13: 28.88 s

Timings by Elrood, recursive4 benchmark, on a 32-bit WinXP, AMD x2 3600 CPU:
  C code GCC, N=13: ~25 s
  D code LDC, N=13: >60 s

For this benchmark the LLVM shows to need some improvement still :-)

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