any BSGP implementation available?

davidl davidl at
Tue Dec 16 21:33:24 PST 2008

在 Wed, 17 Dec 2008 13:18:44 +0800,sandeepk <a at> 写道:

> davidl Wrote:
>> I've seen someone commented BSGP implementation looks pretty modern. So I suppose someone
>> already got its source code?
>> Looking for some research on GPU computing
> I attended the talk on BSGP at SIGGRAPH Asia and I found BSGP to be very high level and simple to read and write (though I haven't really done any programming in it yet). Maybe Kun Zhou ( ) can help you regarding the source code. I also wondered about implementing it for D.
> Currently the number of GPU computing "languages" is almost ridiculous, add in marketing and most developers don't really seem know what's really right for them or what they should be excited about.

But BSGP introduced several different keyword, I dislike some of them, yet the compiler implementation
is rather advanced. The small binary executable provides you a full feature of compile time exec, and 
several passes of optimization.

I've heard that the source was bought by NV corp, so I just want to know if there's some previous source

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