Perhaps here is a critical bug of scope statement and scoped

davidl davidl at
Tue Dec 16 21:37:38 PST 2008

在 Wed, 17 Dec 2008 13:20:38 +0800,redsea <redsea at> 写道:

> Jarrett Billingsley Wrote:
>> I just tried with DMD 1.037, and I get the correct output:
>    your result is ok.
>    And I download dmd 1.038, extrace the dmd, override the dmd1.033 in the tango-dmd, but I still got the wrong result.
>    Are you ensure the version you run is the one   "if (a==0) return " not commented ?

He told you that, he's tried with 1.037
You can try out 1.037 firstly, and confirm it.

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