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On Wed, 17 Dec 2008 10:57:02 -0200, Ary Borenszweig
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>bearophile wrote:
>> There are some things I'd like to see added to the D language, but what things can be removed from it?
>> "Perfection is attained, not when no more can be added, but when no more can be removed."
>> -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
>> :-)
>> "There should be one-- and preferably only one --*obvious* way to do it."
>> -- Python Zen, emphasis added by me :-)
>> Bye,
>> bearophile
>Why, of course, the C syntax for types:
>int (*x[5])[3];
>int (*x)(char);
>int (*[] x)(char);

Totally agree, learning two ways of doing things is just more effort,
but then again I didn't like C's style of declarations in the first
place. Learning Pascal before C maybe toughen me up, I haven't
suffered RSI typing ARRAY OF :)
29. Exploit Schizophrenia: Java is schizophrenic about array
declarations. You can do them the old C, way String x[], (which uses
mixed pre-postfix notation) or the new way String[] x, which uses pure
prefix notation. If you want to really confuse people, mix the
notations: e.g. 
byte[] rowvector, colvector, matrix[];
which is equivalent to: 
byte[] rowvector;
byte[] colvector;
byte[][] matrix;

At least D doesn't allow the mixture of pre/postfix notations in a


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