bug of scope (linux only) verified, Critical

davidl davidl at 126.com
Wed Dec 17 06:18:18 PST 2008

在 Wed, 17 Dec 2008 22:15:51 +0800,Jarrett Billingsley <jarrett.billingsley at gmail.com> 写道:

> On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 1:56 AM, redsea <redsea at 163.com> wrote:
>> error:
>> scope(success) is not execuated,
>> RAII variable destructor is not called, this bug is critical.
>> I wrote a phobos version test program, and found windows version of dmd is correct, but not linux version.
> Ah, so it is platform-specific!

That's why I insisted he try his dmd 1.037 previously.

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