Things that may be removed

Ary Borenszweig ary at
Thu Dec 18 05:07:23 PST 2008

bearophile wrote:
> Ary Borenszweig:
>> Why, of course, the C syntax for types:
>> int (*x[5])[3];
>> int (*x)(char);
>> int (*[] x)(char);
>> *Ugh*...
> Try porting code that uses heavily n-dimensional tensors from C to D, and you understand why supporting the C syntax for arrays (with inverted coordinates in the definition) is a godsend :-)

That's a good point. But can't you do:

extern(C) {

for that? Well, some signatures might leek in the interface, but if they 
are hard to understand (I could learn them, but if there's a simpler 
notation, what for?) than it'll be harder to use for D users, and 
they'll feel they are programming in a mix of C and D, not in D.

> Bye,
> bearophile

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