Hello .NET, D Here Calling

bearophile bearophileHUGS at lycos.com
Mon Dec 22 14:03:27 PST 2008

Walter Bright Wrote:

>Progress on implementing D on .NET.<

- This sounds quite incredible :-)
- The more implementations of D there are, the more the language will have a chance to stick and become used, so I think this is a good thing, regardless what I say below.
- But is the dotnet able to support all things D supports? For example can you implement unions? Inline Asm code? How about the interface with compiled C code? Etc.
- One of the advantages of D, that is it produces true compiled executables, is lost here.
- I think performance on dotnet can be good enough for most programs, but a good C++-grade compiler like LLVM (LDC) can sometimes give even more running speed.
- D is supposed to be a system language, but I don't know if you can write system languages on dotnet, maybe not.
- C# is not that far from D, and it has several advantages (named arguments, better lambda, is much more widely used, more built-in reflection, LINQ, a way to support duck typing, run-time compilation of code, etc etc), so how can D compete with C#? While I can see how normal compiled D may compete with C# in some lower level niche, I don't see yet how D.net may compete with C#. What has D# to offer over C#? Maybe nothing?


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