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Thu Dec 25 21:18:33 PST 2008

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>> What platforms for dmd would you be most interested in using?
>> .net
>> jvm
>> mac osx 32 bit intel
>> mac osx 64 bit intel
>> linux 64 bit
>> windows 64 bit
>> freebsd 32 bit
>> netbsd 32 bit
>> other?
> - ARM7/ARM9
> - Other misc microcontrollers, like Parallax's Propeller
> - Mac osx 32 bit intel
> - *maybe* bsd 32-bit, .net and jvm (and with .net and jvm I'd want to 
> still be able to use tango and phobos, and not be forced to switch to the 
> .net and jvm standard libs)

To elaborate:

1. A "systems language" that doesn't compile to any embedded microcontroller 
seems more than a little bit silly to me. (Sad as it is to say, I don't 
think GDC counts anymore.)

2. I have absolutely zero interest in 64-bit. To the people annoyed at the 
limitations of the 32-bit address space: What in the world are you working 
on? Non-linear video editors and 3D modeling packages?

I should also add near the top of my list, "the CPUs of all major game 
consoles". I think console game programmers are very much in need of a 
language that doesn't suck as horribly as C++, and D is the only one out 
there that doesn't contain fundamental deal-breakers for modern console game 

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