dmd platform support - poll

BCS ao at
Fri Dec 26 18:33:46 PST 2008

Reply to Yigal,

> One of the major benefits of using D is
> that you get the convinience of Ruby/Python and the speed of a
> natively compiled language. using D on .net removes this very important
> benefit. All the things you mentioned above can be acomplished already
> with C# or any other .net language (visual C++) with the support of MS
> and all the tools already available for it. the most important benefit of D
> is the fact that it's natively compiled. remove that and you'll get a 
> roughly equivalent language to C#.
> at least that's my opinion.

On advantage of D for .NET would be that is would allow for using existing 
code to be hooked into .NET apps. I don't think that writing new apps in 
D for .NET would be wise but bringing existing apps into .net would be good.

OTOH there might be a niche for D as an unsafe .NET language.

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