dmd platform support - poll

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Sat Dec 27 05:55:51 PST 2008

"Walter Bright" <newshound1 at> wrote in message 
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> I've run into a lot of programmers lately who, if a language isn't on 
> .NET, will not look at it.

This right here is absolute proof of how appallingly pathetic the average 
quality of programmers is, and just how firmly up their asses their heads 
are planted. As much of a need as we have for better languages, I'm 
convinced that need is completely dwarfed by the need for better 

And frankly, I'm not so sure that such clearly incompetent fools should be 
encouraged in such tenancies. I say, if someone is so bone-headed as to 
refuse to look at a language for such a stupid reason, they *should* be 
forced to stick with increasingly subpar languages. They's the only thing 
that will lead to their demise. We need to save our field from these fucking 
morons, not encourage them.

(And no, I'm not complaining about .NET itself, or .NET languages.) 

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