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Don nospam at
Sat Dec 27 06:27:27 PST 2008

Nick Sabalausky wrote:
> "Michel Fortin" <michel.fortin at> wrote in message 
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>> On 2008-12-25 15:30:52 -0500, Walter Bright <newshound1 at> 
>> said:
>>> What platforms for dmd would you be most interested in using?
>>> .net
>>> jvm
>>> mac osx 32 bit intel
>>> mac osx 64 bit intel
>>> linux 64 bit
>>> windows 64 bit
>>> freebsd 32 bit
>>> netbsd 32 bit
>>> other?
>> I'm on a PowerPC Mac right now so none of this is going to be very useful 
>> to me.
>> That said, I'd be very happy if I could bundle a good D compiler with my D 
>> plugin for Xcode, even if it's Intel-only. Currently, the only option is 
>> GDC which isn't very appealing in its current state. GDC has one advantage 
>> though: it's super easy to build universal binaries (PowerPC + Intel 
>> architecture in one executable). Having an Intel-only compiler is a 
>> disadvantage when developing Mac apps. A consolation is that this will 
>> fade over time as PowerPC Macs will get replaced by new ones.
>> So in my order of preference:
>> Mac OS X 32 bit PowerPC
>> Mac OS X 32 bit Intel
>> Mac OS X 64 bit Intel
>> Mac OS X 64 bit PowerPC
>> (Not that I expect to see DMD generate PowerPC code in a near future.)
> Ordinarily, I would agree with the need for PowerPC Mac support. But when 
> one spends time in the Apple world, they really need to accept the fact that 
> their systems will become abandoned at break-neck speed. That's just the way 
> the Apple world works these days, and that will continue to be standard 
> procedure for at least as long as Jobs in in charge.

There's nothing new. It was standard procedure when I programmed Macs in 
1993-94. Apple has never given a damn about backwards compatibility.

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