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BCS ao at
Sat Dec 27 15:56:25 PST 2008

Reply to Andrei,

> In my opinion, it's not application pressure that drives 64-bit
> machine adoption, now or in the near future. It's RAM price,
> availability, and usefulness. A 32-bit machine cannot gainfully have
> more than 4GB of RAM, period.

IIRC 32 bit Intel chips can address more like 64GB of RAM (I can't find the 
ref but I seem to recall about 4 extra address bits). It's just virtual address 
spaces that are limited to 4GB (or 2-3GB after the OS takes it's pound of 

As pointed out, only a few apps need anything near 2GB of RAM per process.

> That's an awful limitation in wake of
> increased OS and application demands and falling RAM prices. So people
> don't migrate to 64 bits just because a whole bunch of "gotta have the
> fanciest stuff out there". They migrate (often without even knowing
> it) just because they want more RAM. And they want more RAM because
> machines with more RAM often run smoother and faster.
> Andrei

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