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John Reimer` terminal.node at
Sat Dec 27 15:57:59 PST 2008

Very true.  That's why I try to refrain from gut reactions like my view that "DOS
was one of the greatest handicaps of the era" :).  It's very easy to look back and
critique decisions made by others... a little too easy; it is a little to easy to
do when one isn't in the hotseat of decision-making.  There are certain things,
though, that will inevitably annoy the consumer (some of us more than others, I'm
sure), especially those that get a little too idealistic sometimes. :)

While "no amount of bitter analysis will change" the way things played out in the
past, I believe that thoroughly analyzing (minus the "bitter") the history can
certainly help one prepare for the future, or else we are indeed doomed to repeat
mistakes.  Naturally, the situations are rarely the same, but many times there are
enough similarities for one to draw careful conclusions about cause/effect. That
is why D is here, no less. And even, then the challenge still remains. :)

I'm not sure I answered you according to what you were meaning to express, but
hopefully I was close.

All the best,


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