dmd platform support - poll

Walter Bright newshound1 at
Sat Dec 27 18:12:27 PST 2008

The DEC systems have clearly been forgotten <g>. But at the time of the 
PC intro, DEC was king of the minicomputer business, and the buzz was 
"wait till you see DEC's response to the PC!" DEC had the LSI-11 
machine, superior to the 8086 in nearly every way. All they had to do 
was repackage it.

DEC finally had a big unveiling of their response, the Rainbow PC. My 
DEC fanboy friends were incredulous at how bad it was. DEC didn't get 
it, and they missed the boat, scrood the pooch, borked it up, snatched 
defeat from the jaws of victory, you name it. (The problem was DEC 
crippled it in order to prevent it from encroaching on their 
minicomputer business, a business they failed to recognize was obsolete.)

I had an H-11 at the time (a hobby version of the LSI-11). It kicked 
ass. DEC could have owned the PC business, but they threw it away with 
both hands, and eventually sank without a trace. I gave away my H-11 for 

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