dmd platform support - poll

Christopher Wright dhasenan at
Sat Dec 27 19:28:43 PST 2008

Nick Sabalausky wrote:
> "Yigal Chripun" <yigal100 at> wrote in message 
> news:gj6e3m$1ilv$1 at
>> two things:
>> a) current hardware is 64bit (if you go and buy a PC),
> Ah ha, there's that usual "if you go and buy a PC" catch. Which begs the 
> question, why would I? My existing system does everything I need it to do 
> perfectly fine. And since I'm not petty enough to allow anyone to shame me 
> into buying a new system just by calling my *current* system "legacy", that 
> leaves no real reason for me to buy a new one.

I tried that. But these days, it's *really* hard to find AT hard drives 
to replace the ones that fail.

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