dmd platform support - poll

John Reimer terminal.node at
Sat Dec 27 23:13:37 PST 2008

Hello Walter,

> Nick Sabalausky wrote:
>> - Graphics card that's pixel shader v1 (was a pre-pixel-shader
>> GeForceMX 2 for a long time, only upgraded because I found this one
>> for about $40 and wanted to play around with pixel shaders).
> I don't have a graphics card because of heat/fan/noise.

I assume you must have an integrated chipset.

>> - The motherboard's USB is v1.x
> So's mine, and that really sucks. I'm going to get a card with 2.0 on
> it. USB is a home run, kudos to the designers of it.

yep. :)


> I tried video editing, it's a no-go on my system. Not even close.

Yep, you need lots of ram and lots of power for video editing.  64-bit is 
already supported by some of the leading video editing packages (maybe most, 
not sure).

> I bought an eee pc, as in a laptop I'm interested in portability, not
> desktop replacement.

Heh, I did the same.  Unfortunately, I jumped on the bandwagon too early 
and got the one with the smaller screen and the 3 cell battery.   I can use 
it... but I am really disappointed that I don't have the larger screen version 
and longer battery life.

Also the competition for eee pc provided several better alternatives.  MSI 
had one really good product which my brother bought.   Alas, I can't justify 
another purchase, so I try to make do with my eee pc when I go on trips.


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