dmd platform support - poll

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Sun Dec 28 19:53:20 PST 2008

"Andrei Alexandrescu" <SeeWebsiteForEmail at> wrote in message 
news:gj9cq1$1boc$1 at
> Brian wrote:
>>> I'm incredibly jealous of how Vista only highlights the filename (minus
>>> suffix) when you go to rename a file. I *really* want that.
>> So does thunar :)
> Konqueror, too. But of course that would be too little a reason to make 
> the switcharoo.

While the file rename thing is one of the nitpicky annoyances I have with 
the standard Windows file managers (though I never knew it annoyed me until 
Vista came along ;) ), I've have just as many nitpicky issues with OSX's 
Finder and all of the *n*x (Is that the politically-correct way to refer to 
Unix/Linux/BSD/etc? Some people can be real touchy about that) file managers 
I've tried. Not that I'm trying to single out any particular OS or file 
browser for ridicule, though. 

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