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Mon Dec 29 09:43:26 PST 2008

Don wrote:
> Nick Sabalausky wrote:
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>>> Chad J wrote:
>>>> John Reimer wrote:
>>>>> Hello Nick,
>>>> ...
>>>>>> One other funny anecdote about "newer/trendier is not always better":
>>>>>> I've been recruited by a friend of my mom to replace/supplement her
>>>>>> small business's wireless network with a wired one.
>>>>>> And now I'll stop rambling ;)
>>>>> Wired is not necessarily backwards. :)  Despite the tangly lines, it's
>>>>> just easier to keep secure.
>>>>> -JJR
>>>> Yeah.  It's a tradeoff.  I use both wired and wireless.  They 
>>>> complement
>>>> each other nicely.  In an ideal setup both are available.
>>>> Whenever I run into someone who says something to the effect that
>>>> wireless is superior and makes wired connections unnecessary, I get a
>>>> little angry.  I hold it back of course, and realize that I should just
>>>> pity them their ignorance.  If I have time and it's appropriate, I'll
>>>> calmly explain why they are wrong ;)
>>> Why are they wrong? (I'm no expert.)
>> Wired connections are faster, more reliable, easier to configure and 
>> secure, often-times cheaper (even if you count the cost of cords, in 
>> many cases) and with the exception of certain modern laptops, easier 
>> to manually force a complete disconnect. The only drawback with wired 
>> is that you have to buy/run/connect a wire (which can be a legitimate 
>> concern in certain cases).
> eg when your house contains crawling babies <g>

That pretty much settled the issue for me :o).

I'd add that wired is not the speed bottleneck when connecting from home 
to the Internet. The DSL/cable connections go well below wireless' 54 
Mbps. That being said, whenever I want to transfer some large amounts of 
data across my home computers, I invariably give up wireless in 
frustration and end up rummaging through my drawer for a cable.


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