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Daniel de Kok me at nowhere.nospam
Tue Dec 30 10:53:55 PST 2008

On 2008-12-26 06:18:33 +0100, "Nick Sabalausky" <a at a.a> said:
> 2. I have absolutely zero interest in 64-bit. To the people annoyed at the
> limitations of the 32-bit address space: What in the world are you working
> on? Non-linear video editors and 3D modeling packages?

Natural language processing. E.g. most parsers and generators with a 
wide-coverage grammar will need a lot of memory, since ambiguity of 
sentences increases dramatically with sentence length.

Or to give a specific example: we have recently extended some 
techniques for error mining in parsing results. In natural language 
parsing, a possible parsing failure is the inability to find a parse 
that spans a whole sentence (as opposed to e.g. an incorrect parse). 
Error mining tries to find the most probable causes (words or phrases) 
for the such parsing failures. If iterative error mining methods are 
applied to parsing results of large corpera (or domain-specific corpera 
where a relatively large number of sentences fail to parse), it's easy 
to break the 4GB barrier.

-- Daniel

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