Tango for D2?

Lars Ivar Igesund larsivar at igesund.net
Wed Dec 31 01:17:05 PST 2008

dsimcha wrote:

> Given that druntime's been out for a few months now, has any progress been
> made porting Tango to D2?  Is porting it just a matter of time/manpower
> (If so, is there any way I or other members of the community can help?),
> or are there more issues to be resolved before this can happen.

A lot of work has already been done (mostly by Steven and Frank) - however the work has been regularly broken up by issues in the compiler. I do think most may have been solved by now, and so a working library probably isn't too far away. There is still a question about how to properly solve breaking changes from D1 to D2 though since Tango is large enough to incur considerable mantainance issues if support for both versions cannot be kept in the same codebase.

In any case, you are very welcome to try out the current state (you should find it in Tango's SVN repositories in one of the branches) and you are welcome to contribute further.

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