What is the size of a module?

Tomas Lindquist Olsen tomas at famolsen.dk
Mon May 26 04:22:05 PDT 2008

Neal Alexander wrote:
> Frank Benoit wrote:
>> I want to get an understanding what can make DWT executables smaller 
>> and if the modules count is really relevant for it.
>> So the question... A given amount of classes/interfaces etc exist. Now 
>> a design decision should be made how this code shall be structured 
>> into modules and packages.
>> What exactly are the costs for moving code into a new module?
>> What does affect the resulting binary size?
>>  - length of typenames
>>  - count of import that the new module has
>>  - count of modules that import the new module
>>  - static this entry in the module
>>  - ?
> An empty module is like 500 bytes IIRC.
> When porting large C headers to D, the biggest factor is the generation 
> of default initializers for the structs i think.

As well as their typeinfo.

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