Reference value of structs not optimized or inlined?

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Fri Aug 28 08:40:10 PDT 2009

Walter Bright wrote:
> Jeremie Pelletier wrote:
>> Isn't it possible to make 'const ref S' or 'in S' generate the same
>> machine code as 'in S*'? To me it would seem the semantics of the two
>> are the same, with 'const S*' being useful syntax for C compatibility
>> while 'in S' and 'const ref S' are both D syntax.
> The thing about const is it only specifies a read only view of an
> object, it does *not* specify that the referenced object will not
> change. That is why pass by value cannot be "optimized" to be pass by
> reference.

To elaborate on this, consider this case:

import std.stdio;

struct X { int v; }

void test(X x, void delegate() dg) { writefln(x.v); dg(); writefln(x.v); }

void main() {
  X ecks;
  test(ecks, { ecks.v = 17; });

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