Problem with debugging in Linux

Qian Xu quian.xu at
Wed Jul 15 02:25:34 PDT 2009

grauzone wrote:

> It works with dmd 1.046 on Linux. The backtrace I'm getting is:
> #0  0x0804916a in _Dmain ()
> #1  0x08049450 in _D2rt6dmain24mainUiPPaZi7runMainMFZv ()
> #2  0x080493b5 in _D2rt6dmain24mainUiPPaZi7tryExecMFDFZvZv ()
> #3  0x0804948d in _D2rt6dmain24mainUiPPaZi6runAllMFZv ()
> #4  0x080493b5 in _D2rt6dmain24mainUiPPaZi7tryExecMFDFZvZv ()
> #5  0x08049364 in main ()
> Maybe that bug got fixed. Could it have to do with the changelog entry
> "Fix instruction scheduler bug on Linux"?

Thanks. It works with dmd 1.046.
However I have another questiont to the new dmd compiler.
I try to compile my app using "dmd myapp.d -c", but dmd says "object.d:
Error: module object cannot read file 'object.d'". The new dmd seems tow
work with phobos only?

My project is based on tango. It could be a problem ....


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