runtime vararg can easily be broken

davidl davidl at
Fri Jun 12 09:47:35 PDT 2009

The runtime vararg push into stack with align of 4, however programmer  
might neglect this easily and cause problem.

import std.boxer;
import std.stdio;
void func(...)
   Box[] arguments;
   arguments.length = _arguments.length;
   for(int i;i<_arguments.length;i++)
      arguments[i] = box(_arguments[i], _argptr);
      _argptr += _arguments[i].tsize;
void main()
   func(cast(ushort)4, cast(ushort)5); // this fails

I don't know if tango Stdout suffers from this.
But this really can easily cause problems.
Also the whole paradigm of coding a runtime vararg func is so troublesome  
and even much complex compared to the compile time vararg. Maybe we should  
borrow something from compiletime to aid the runtime vararg programming.

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