I wish I could use D for everything

Andrei Alexandrescu SeeWebsiteForEmail at erdani.org
Fri May 1 06:40:55 PDT 2009

Daniel Keep wrote:
> grauzone wrote:
>> By the way, why do people feel the need to "sign" their posts, even
>> though the news protocol already provides a "From: " field, that not
>> only makes the signature redundant, but is also better to spot, is
>> recognized by the news readers, and usually provides more information?
> Force of habit?  Holdover from the days when we wrote things on bits of
> pulped trees which didn't have a convenient "From:" field.

Well even one hundred years ago they'd sign a letter even though the 
name was in the letterhead and also on the envelope.

> What I want to know is why people quote multi-page messages only to add
> a single line to the bottom that's only tangentially related to the
> message they're responding to.

Worse: they quote a large message and they insert a line somewhere in 
the middle of it.


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