C tips (again)

superdan super at dan.org
Fri May 1 08:00:57 PDT 2009

bearophile Wrote:

> In the past I have probably already discussed about this link here:
> http://users.bestweb.net/~ctips/
> That site contains tips as precious as gold, even for non-C programmers.

d00d. u first messed with k&r which are Gods. any1 mess'n' with Gods better bring around some fuckin' supergod instead. the trailin' empty array trick is so ol' it smells like ol' people. been thru first 19 pieces of advice. nuttin' new or remotely interestin'. wut i saw was some lame shit that puts a grown man 2 sleep. use assert, macros, & checks. wtf. then got interrupted. the 70s called. they wanted they lame c idioms back.

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