I can use D all the time

Georg Wrede georg.wrede at iki.fi
Sat May 2 02:35:38 PDT 2009

Steve Teale wrote:
> superdan Wrote:
>> Steve Teale Wrote:
>>> It's called retirement. I can use whatever language I like, and
>>> write anything that comes to mind 24 hours a day if I want to.
>> nope. it's called /rich/ retirement. with my fuckin' stox n 401k &
>> the way shit is goin' i'll need to work til they'll hand me
>> prostate in a plastic bag. woman wants kiddos too. i'll be pushin'
>> them daisies a month after retirement. mah prospects of learning
>> the f language will be long fucked by then. props fer you. also dun
>> mind me breakin' yer raisin balls d other day. u r a good fella but
>> u gotta learn them ranges n shit.
> Wrong. I have next to nothing in pension, so I solved the problem by
> marrying a Tanzanian woman and moving to Africa, where the cost of
> living is lower.


> Balls are still intact, which is good since my woman wants children
> too. I'll learn the ranges stuff when I need it!

I've read some of your blogs, looks quite fun. And now that the Net is 
even there, that's really a viable option. Congratulations!

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