Throwable, Exception, and Error

Christopher Wright dhasenan at
Sun May 3 04:27:01 PDT 2009

Frank Benoit wrote:
> Walter Bright schrieb:
>> Steve Teale wrote:
>>> If I want a catch-all catch, which should I be using.
>>> Out of habit I use Exception, but if I do that then I will miss some
>>> things thrown from Phobos.
>>> Is it the intention that Throwable be used for this purpose?
>> Yes.
> Why is it possible to throw an Object?
> I think "throw" and "catch" should be restricted to Throwable and
> derived types.

Because Phobos did not contain Throwable until the advent of druntime. 
This was sufficiently recent that Walter has not yet modified the 
compiler accordingly, or, most likely, noticed or decided to do so.

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