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Wed May 6 11:21:49 PDT 2009

== Quote from JC (jcrapuchettes at's article
> I am considering trying NetBeans for all of my development. I have been using
> Eclipse, but have found that I am only using it because of its project interface
> and its language highlight support (which sometimes doesn't work).
> This brings me to my question: I know that NetBeans will work for PHP and C++,
> the other two languages I use, but is there a way to get it to work with D?
> Thanks,
> JC

AFAIK, no, but if you could create a plugin for it, I would be forever grateful.
A few months ago, I crossed over to the dark side and wrote a very small (1-day)
project in Java because it had a library that I really needed.  Despite despising
everything else about the language (I had never used Java before this), I was
thoroughly amazed by the power of NetBeans.

The experience made me understand why people use Java:  As much as Java the core
language sucks, the IDEs for it are so good that they're almost metaprogramming
facilities that write a bunch of your more tedious Java code for you.  Of course,
I wouldn't trade D templates for it, but if C++'s relatively weak templates were
the tradeoff, I might consider it.  If something half this good were created for
D, it would be a huge step toward getting D accepted by the wider community.

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