Massive loss for D on Tiobe

Walter Bright newshound1 at
Wed May 6 13:24:59 PDT 2009

Georg Wrede wrote:
> D's loss seems unbelievable. D now has a 0.628% share, which is even 
> less than what it's lost (-0.82%) in the last 12 months. What could be 
> the reasons for it? Is it even possible to figure out any reason??

Of course it's unbelievable. This change didn't happen over a year's 
time, it happened in one month. This means that the methodology Tiobe 
uses changed, or the search portals changed their hit count algorithm.

where they automatically discount all D hits by 10%. They don't do that 
for C.

For example, of the first 100 hits of "D programming" on google, I found 
only 6 that were not about D, two of which was already excluded by 
Tiobe's algorithm. That's 4%, not 10%.

I found 3 non-C ones for "C programming" in the first 100. That's 3%, 
not 0%.

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