What's the current state of D?

Walter Bright newshound1 at digitalmars.com
Fri May 8 12:43:12 PDT 2009

Sean Kelly wrote:
> Will that project manager care?  Most build teams don't update compiler
> versions very often--once a version has been settled upon that's pretty
> much it, unless a show-stopping bug appears during development that
> for some reason can't be worked around.  In fact, I can't even see a team
> bothering to speculate about the future popularity of a language when
> choosing it for a project.  The only thing that matters is whether it's a
> good decision today, not five years from now.  If that weren't the case,
> then there would have never been a call for COBOL programmers
> during the Y2K transition.

Back in the 80's, the company I worked for did a project in a particular 
dialect of pascal. The company making that dialect went bust, and the 
company was left holding the bag with mission critical app. The compiler 
was binary only, had bugs, required old hardware to run on, etc.

The dmd compiler source being available goes a very long way to 
alleviating such problems.

Also, any significant dev project needs to archive the compiler used to 
build it along with the project. Regardless of the language. That just 
only makes sense.

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