What's the current state of D?

Daniel Toffetti dtoffe at yahoo.com.ar
Sat May 9 14:14:15 PDT 2009

Brad Roberts Wrote:

> Steve Teale wrote:
> > D is great. How do we spread that particular perception?
> Use it.  Tell people you're using it.  Produce tools, libraries, applications,
> whatever.. that are interesting enough that people want to know more.
> Later,
> Brad

    I second this. A great language and compiler is often not enough to get a lot of people interested. Since a parent post mentioned Pascal, look at the Lazarus installer you can download for Windows for example.
    I've already seen a couple of posts in the Netbeans users forum asking for a D plugin, and there is one already for Eclipse.
    People _is_ interested in being more productive and enjoying its work. But developers nowadays take some things for granted, besides the compiler.

    But there are simpler things that could help a lot, IMHO. For example, recent news in the front page, updated regularly. It doesn't need to be big anouncements, minor revisions or community news are ok, just enough to let people know this is moving.
    A small roadmap of completed features, showing reached milestones and future milestones. You don't need to show expected release date for future milestones, but it's nice to show approximate date of completion of already reached milestones. This also helps to give a perception of progress.
    This two should be in the front page or, if not possible, at least in a clearly visible link near the top of front page.

HTH, cheers,


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