Getting D language patch into GDB

Jason House at
Sun May 10 17:31:19 PDT 2009

Walter Bright Wrote:

> Jason House wrote:
> > Is there any legal/copyright issues that prevent the gdb patch from
> > making it into gdb?  Maybe demangling uses digital mars code?  I'd
> > really love to see complete support for D in gdb.  It's really
> > frustrating to not have it  :(
> I'd be happy to address any licensing issues for a patch to gdb. Just 
> let me know.

I don't know what the past hang-ups were, but I guess that hardly matters. I'll ping the author of the existing gdb patches and try to reinitiate the submission process. Additionally, we still need to figure out what is wrong with -gc and fix it. In the past, I've spent some quality time on #gdb discussing how to fix that. I'm just not knowlegable on the topic. Having the compiler source could help... Do you have any pointers for where to look for writing of debug info? 

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