D users in Munich, Rome, Venice, or Frankfurt?

Simen Kjaeraas simen.kjaras at gmail.com
Mon May 11 02:40:39 PDT 2009

On Mon, 11 May 2009 04:37:20 +0200, Walter Bright <newshound1 at digitalmars.com> wrote:

> Robert Fraser wrote:
>> BCS wrote:
>>>> Noch ein Bier bitte!
>>> No Beer!
>>  Why would you ever need to say that?
> You wouldn't. "Noch ein" means "Another one!"
> I don't think "No Beer!" has a German translation. I tried it with  
> Google's translator and got a server error.

As a native Norwegian[1], I feel confident in stating that "No
beer!" would be "Kein Bier!", and I believe "No beer for me, thank you, I'm driving." would be "Kein bier für mich, bitte. Ich fahre Auto.". That last one's a stretch of my capabilities, though.

We were occupied by the Germans during WWII. Not that it did much
good to the average Norwegian's German, but I took the time to
actually pay attention in German classes.


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