When will D1 be finished?

dsimcha dsimcha at yahoo.com
Mon May 11 11:57:04 PDT 2009

== Quote from Georg Wrede (georg.wrede at iki.fi)'s article
> Luís Marques wrote:
> > I guess that's the point. Who currently thinks that D1 is
> > production-ready, or is consistently getting there, and how long till it
> > gets there?
> Already *before* D1 I wrote a non-trivial application, that is still
> used in the industry even as we speak.  I wrote it in straight, honest,
> clean code, and had no problems. It runs two simultaneous tasks,
> controls industry processing hardware through the parallell port, has a
> command line language of its own, and it shows parameters of the process
> on the screen in real time, using graphs and colors. And it writes logs
> and output files as needed, at the same time.
> D1 is production ready, IMHO, now. But for such a question, you should
> define what production-ready means to you.
> If it means having all GUI programming environments, comprehensive
> libraries, etc., then even D2 won't get you there.
> Why? That's because the day D2 is "released", this newsgroup will start
> developing D3, and from that day on everyone will whine about all
> attention going to D3. And all kids writing libraries and porting stuff,
> obviously have to use the lastest version of D, or else their friends
> will call them wussies.

One thing that would help is a roadmap of non-trivial breaking changes for D3
if/when it is started.  By non-trivial, I mean breaking changes that require
design changes rather than just mechanical things like search/replace.  That way,
D2 code could be designed with the possibility of eventually porting to D3 in the
back of the developer's mind rather than being caught completely off guard.

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