Promoting D

hasen hasan.aljudy at
Mon May 11 12:24:54 PDT 2009

grauzone wrote:
> hasen wrote:
>> Jesse Phillips wrote:
>>> On Mon, 11 May 2009 04:48:16 +0200, Saaa wrote:
>>>> So, what language do you use?
>>>>> D
>>>> Ok.. why?
>>> Just keep your answers simple...
>>> "It compiles to machine code."
>>> "Why not C++"
>>> "It is safer, less complex"
>>> Let the person interested probe for answers they want answers to.
>> I know a language K that compiles to native code, why don't you use it 
>> for this really important project? It's safer than C++, and less 
>> complex, really! (by definition, nothing can be more complicated than 
>> C++)
>> I hope you're now convinced to try out my K language, read all the 
>> documentation, oh and btw, it's not well organized, good luck!
> Where can I find this K language? I think it's not 

hehe, it's just a joke man

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