When will D1 be finished?

Walter Bright newshound1 at digitalmars.com
Mon May 11 17:56:59 PDT 2009

Derek Parnell wrote:
> Ok, so what is stopping me using D1? Below are some off-the-cuff ideas and
> it may be that I'm mistaken in my beliefs, so take that into consideration.
> * I like what D2 has to offer, so I'll wait for that. I'm not in a hurry to
> use D as there is no current or approaching project that requires it.

There's always going to be "Coming Soon To A Compiler Near You!" with D. 
It's been undergoing improvement for 7 years now.

> * Phobos has missing functionality, which means I have needed to write that
> code myself. (Adding the functionality to D1 Phobos is not an option
> because D1 is 'closed' for additions.)

There are a lot of add-on libraries. There's no reason anyone cannot 
write one to fit various needs.

> * Tango is too 'weird' for me to use. I'm not keen about the
> Everything-Is-An-Object style of coding. A personal preference, to be sure.
> * Tango means I need to do a special installation of DMD plus it assumes an
> older version of DMD.
> * I'm too busy to invest in something that I will need to rework for D2.

While (without using a text preprocessor) you can't make the source code 
work for both D1 and D2, the amount of rework necessary is quite minor.

> I really like D. I want to use it. But ... oh well, maybe I should just
> 'bite the bullet' and begin my next D project using D1 anyway. I can only
> learn from the experience, right?

Reading about and using a language are entirely different things <g>.

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