assignment: left-to-right or right-to-left evaluation?

Rainer Deyke rainerd at
Mon May 11 19:21:35 PDT 2009

Nick Sabalausky wrote:
> True, that's why I replied again and suggested something like:
> [mydic[x], mydic[y], mydic[z]].each = mydic.length;

[[mydic[x], mydic[y], mydic[z]].each].each = mydic.length;
[[[mydic[x], mydic[y], mydic[z]].each].each].each = mydic.length;
[[[[mydic[x], mydic[y], mydic[z]].each].each].each].each = mydic.length;

What's wrong with assignment chaining?  I'm amazed anybody would find
chained assignment more confusing than unchained assignment.

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