When will D1 be finished?

Georg Wrede georg.wrede at iki.fi
Mon May 11 20:19:44 PDT 2009

Derek Parnell wrote:
> I am not saying that D1 is not finished, but I am saying that DMD-v1 is not
> finished.
>    D1 documentation says X is a function of D1.
>    DMD-v1 does not implement X.
>    Therefore DMD-v1 is not a complete implementation of D1.
> Even though D1 is finished, DMD-v1 might not be finished.
> Either the documentation is wrong or DMD-v1 is not complete yet. 

So, make a list of the things mentioned in the docs that aren't in DMD, 
and I bet Walter and Andrei will take a hard look at your list, and 
probably remove most of those things from the docs.

That's definitely a contribution that everyone would value and welcome.

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